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Dear Reader

This blog is primarily for those seeking spiritual knowledge in a modern way, free from encumbrances of any one particular religion. There are other blogs by me on spiritual matters but they contain much else too. One looking only for spiritual knowledge would tend to get distracted. Although spirituality has always been my first interest,  I became an engineer, scientist, professor and educational administrator to make a living, travel the world and learn modern ways of thinking. During those years, spiritual studies took a back seat except for breaks in career and vacations. Much involvement with the world often leads humans to error and sin and I did not escape that in my worldly life. While this leads to suffering, it may also lead to overcoming the same depending on the attitude they are dealt with. In my case, it was the latter with the grace of God, at least for the most part. Even the worst of sinners are rescued from harm when one turns to God, the Universal Consciousness as one's refuge. However now, in my retirement I have returned in the main to my first interest. Therefore I am launching this new blog today devoted entirely to spiritual thoughts. May they help add, peace, happiness, joy and beauty your life. I shall select content from my other blogs and post it here bit by bit in the coming days, God Willing.


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