Life, what is thy purpose?


1 The purpose of life is to evolve.

2 Human souls evolve through thousands of birth, starting as bacteria and then gradually moving up through insect and animal lives to human level.

3 Evolution does not stop at the human level.

4 Among humans, levels of evolution differ greatly on our planet. If one considers human and other life in the universe elsewhere then variations are greater.

5 What is being talked of here is spiritual evolution and not physical evolution but physical and spiritual evolution take place in harmony.  The physical body is merely a vehicle for the inner spiritual soul. 

6  At any time, in some parts of our world, human life is only slightly different from life of monkeys and chimpanzees, the evolutionary and genetic predecessors of humans, the chimpanzee is near  99% human genetically, whereas in other parts there are well-organized civilizations with well managed cities and towns. These differences are a result of the different levels of evolution amongst various human groups.

7 The ability to drive a car is not a mark of evolution. Even chimpanzees can be taught to drive one.

8 Among monkeys and chimpanzees, it is not considered immoral to steal or indulge in violent fights. It requires a certain degree of evolution to conduct one's life on the basis of moral principles. Animals on the other hand function on the basis of their immediate needs.

9 It takes some lifetimes to evolve before a human realizes that earning money through fraud is monkey behavior and criminal. It takes some evolution as a human to realize that the best course for a human is to earn a living honestly.

10 There are parts of the world where large cities and legal systems such as courts and police forces have come up imitating civilized parts of the world. However, a closer look reveals that in such countries even basics like water supply is highly irregular and intermittent. The courts and police forces are ineffective, corrupt or lethargic.

11 It is common in some countries for a simple civil suit to languish in courts for over twenty years and common for policemen to spend more of their energies in collecting bribes and concocting false evidence rather than doing the work they are supposed to. Such behavior implies a need for further evolution within these countries.

12 Variations take place with time. Parts of the world such as ancient Sumeria, Egypt, Indus Valley and Athens that led human civilization and also human evolution are not in the forefront anymore. This is an indication that evolution is not a one way process but has its ups and down

13 Humans have to be ever on guard that they are not overpowered by ego, lust, greed and anger that leads a soul not to evolve but blinds it to sink to the depths of lower animals.

14 Purpose of all life including humans is to evolve to higher levels. This improvement includes cultivating virtues of truth and non-violence, love and honesty. Such an evolution can take several lifetimes. It is only then that a human being can increase happiness.

13 Meditative techniques that teach how to still thought may be restricted to develop control over the thinking process, so that when we do think we can channel it in the most productive directions.

14  The Universe /Almighty has given us the ability to think so that we can use it for our evolution and well being, not as an encumbrance that should be permanently extinguished.

15 Yogic techniques that teach how to control thoughts and desire may be used so that we learn to be happy with whatever is available and easily attainable and to turn our thoughts and desires away from that which cannot be attained easily or is perceived as harmful in the long run.

16 What happens after a human attains the highest possible levels of human evolution? Just as evolved human souls take birth amongst evolved humans, a soul that has evolved to even higher levels takes birth in parts of this vast and infinite universe where beings exist that are even more evolved i.e. amongst beings we may refer to as angels, gods and goddesses.

17 Our universe is vast enough to support still higher life forms. At the very apex of this vast chain of evolution is the Father of the Universe, the Almighty God.

18 Since there is only a single God in the universe, the most evolved souls of the universe merge with the infinite soul and thus become a part of God. Until that happens, most souls must continue on the paths of their respective evolution.

19 Attempt to make this evolutionary journey joyful by increasing happiness and reducing sorrow.

20 Old age need not be sad. It is undoubtedly a phase when human energy reduces. One can make the most of it by using the period for reflection and for preparation so that the next life would be a good one.

21 Death is not sad when one firmly believes in reincarnation. It is like changing old clothes for new.

22 Each phase of life will be a happy one, provided one has prepared for it adequately in the previous phase and makes the most of the present one.

23 The past cannot be changed therefore we need not be bothered with any more than it is necessary to make our present moment wiser. We do have the present in our hands.

24 Each phase is enjoyable, provided we divide our time wisely between work and play.

25 Childhood needs to be spent in acquiring education and disciplined habits besides play.

26 An adult needs to divide time between entertainment and earning enough so that one does not have to work or suffer in old age.

27 Old age needs to be spent in reflecting on life and the universe and strengthening our love for God, so that next time around we are born as a more evolved human in more fortunate circumstances.

28 Much bad karma can be resolved through reflection, repentance and forgiveness so that we do not have to carry this burden with us into future lives.

29 A powerful way to hasten our evolution is to help lesser evolved part of the universe - plants, animals and other less evolved or less fortunate humans in their evolutionary journey.

30 The attitude towards less evolved needs to be one of love and compassion, rather than hatred because love raises us to higher evolutionary levels while hatred does precisely the reverse.


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