God is Love


Trumpence Amaryllis, some of the flowers in my garden

There may be reason enough to reject a religion but that is not a reason to reject God; Because God is Love. It is unfortunate that some persons regard some religion or the concerned preacher in consideration as an authority on God and reject God because of that. Such persons make another error when they refer to God, as this god or that god because there is Just one God. If one prefers, one need not follow any religion at all but believe in God nevertheless i.e. become an independent theist. The greatest of mystics and founders of many religions were all independent theists.

In fact there is nothing but God, all of the universe that is within the reach of perception and all that is beyond perception is God, everything else including us are a part of Him, although some of us is ignorance too, giving us our independent existence for as long as that ignorance and the karma born of it persists. If a religion describes some of God as a finite thing, then it is describing just one of the many facets of God which too are  Him.

There are many manifestations of God. One is love. Without motherly love, one of the finest manifestations of God, with which creatures of various sorts care for their young, sustaining life and evolution would be impossible. Beginning with the love of a mother, humans experience love of other humans for brief or long periods through life in various forms. It is rare for human love to last for an entire life time though. For those who believe in God, it is only His love that is everlasting.

What about those who do not believe in God? His love nevertheless flows for them although they miss the full experience and benefit of it. If you ask them what created this vast and wonderful universe of which we all are a small part, they would say, if they had some scientific knowledge, that it was fundamental laws - laws such as the law of gravity which resulted in this universe. One may ask them then who created those laws and perhaps they would say nothing. That is it dear friend, this vast infinite Nothing that created this universe, planets, stars and galaxies and every cell of your body and all other life besides. If it was powerful enough to create it all, one needs no power greater than that to love and be loved by; everything else of this world that we might care for is negligible in front of this Infinite Force. In a response to Stephen Hawking elsewhere who claimed that God may exist but theology was not necessary to explain creation that could take place spontaneously by laws of gravity and quantum theory, I agreed fully with Stephen Hawking. Theology of the many types that goes around is not necessary or merely metaphors of mystics who had not words to describe it, to explain creation, but Gravity is, and Gravity is one of the manifestations of God that makes Him create the universe. It is love of inanimate matter but for animate life God Himself descends into life as love animate

This vast incomprehensible Infinite also created the emotion of love that you have experienced at times in a human relationship. It was but a drop of this ocean of love yet it felt so wonderful. Imagine how much more wonderful It all is. That is your God then in which you can believe as surely as you did in your love. One cannot see it but one can sense it in one’s heart. When you still your thoughts and your body and close your eyes you can find it dwelling in your heart. That is where you shall find God, not in a temple or anywhere else far away, it shall whisper to you, I am here for you and shall always be there for you and all shall be well.


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